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see God in all.. or...you do not see God at all.
swa laakh se ek larroun

chirrion se baaz turraoun
billion se sher maraoun
tabhi gobind singh naam traoun


Sadh Sangat jio
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Kee Fateh!!

They say do not write..
They say do not speak..
They say forget about it..
If I agree — then
In my silence lies my guilt.
As long there is breath
As long as there is strength
I will write; I will speak
For I remember .......

I Remember....

The year is 1739
Hindustan is in terror
The cruelty of the Mughals
Is felt everywhere.

Nadir Shah is in Delhi
Looting the treasures.
Carting 2200 Hindu women
For his private harem.

The news spreads like wild fire
Across this great land
Helplessness and confusion
Reign supreme.

Sardar Jassa Singh
Commander of the Sikh army
Hears of this atrocity
Vows to take a stand.

The Sikhs are a minority
The Mughals have the upper hand
Despite this disparity
A midnight attack is planned.

The Mughal camp is asleep
The Sikhs wait in silence
At the stroke of midnight
They begin the attack.

Talwars are in the air
The Mughals are caught off-guard
The women are freed
And safely brought back.

In Hindu households
A sign of relief is heard
As the women rush back
To the arms of their loved ones.

There are Sikh casualties
But there are no tears;
To uphold a woman’s honor
Is the Sikh dharam.

From that day on
A pattern emerged;
The Sikhs struck at midnight
To free the captured women.

Every night, the women prayed
For the safety of the Sikhs
Mothers told their children...


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